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A casino employee cheats to help a player in Blackjack

By Sophie Couard

A dealer has just been charged with first degree fraud.

In previous news stories, we had reported fraudulent activity involving blackjack. In those cases, it was the player who was caught cheating. In this scenario, it was actually a casino employee who was peeking at the cards in order to help players win.

First degree fraud

Steven Darnell Singer, a 19-year-old blackjack dealer, worked at Clearwater Casino in Suquamish, Washington. He is being accused of having looked at the cards in the card shoe and then indicating to the players if they should draw another card or not. He was charged with first degree fraud by the Supreme Court of Kitsap on January 18th, 2019, as his actions are considered a felony.

Supreme Court of Kitsap

Caught by another dealer

He is accused of peeking at the cards and then directing players on when to draw another card.

Earlier this month, another dealer at the table next to Steven Darnell Singer saw him look at the cards. He then notified his supervisor, who was looking at the surveillance camera material. In a video Singer gave a signal to a player to draw an additional card and the player then won the hand. Investigations now concluded that the dealer had worked in tandem with players to pull off the scheme.

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By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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