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The Slotfather Part 2 ar Betsoft

By Sophie Couard

The developer Betsoft has just released a sequel to one of their most famous 3D slot games. The game The Slotfather Part 2 gathers the gangsters around their boss, and the slot captures the spirit of the Italian-American mafia movies perfectly. This important event could not go unnoticed by us, and we take the opportunity to talk a bit about this game release.

The timing

The Slotfather 1 is one of the most popular slots, but there was also a before and after The Slotfather 1.

Before the game was released, the market was still largely dominated by Microgaming and Playtech software and games. These two companies are the elders in the industry and still produce fantastic games. However, many of the games seemed a little too similar to each other.

The first 3D video slot was released by Betsoft at the very end of 2009. The graphics of the slot were fantastic and as beautiful as the graphics in the 3D animated movies. The company celebrated a huge success and many players fell in love with those games. But it wasn't just the graphics that were enticing the players, the game-play and special features were innovative and original, and guaranteed endless fun and entertainment.

These innovative slots were the reason why Betsoft suddenly went from being an unknown player to an important one. One of the most popular and impressive games was The Slotfather which scored a lot higher than any other game.

The slot father

Modeled after the trilogy of Francis Ford Coppola

It is very obvious that the creative team at Betsoft has their eyes on the Hollywood movies when they developed the slot that would become a legend among slots. The story of the game allows you to enter the mafia universe of the Italian-American underworld that was inspired by one of the most famous movie trilogies of all time: The Godfather Part 1, 2 and 3 from the director Francis Ford Coppola, and it is evident that The Slotfather honors these prestigious feature films.

The adventure continues

And now for the good news: the good news is not only that Betsoft released a second part of the slot game, but also that this game is excellent!

This slot machine offers very nice game-play with fantastic features, and it is simply an amazing game to play. You can enjoy the familiar atmosphere of The Slotfather, but with more modern features and a re-vamped style. 

We can only recommend you try out the game for yourself, you will likely agree with us that The Slotfather 2 is a fantastic game, and you can play it for free on our website or for real money at our partner Cheri Casino.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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