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The gambling affects a lot of Belgian minos

By Sophie Couard

Gambling seems to be attracting an increasing number of minors. This was the conclusion reached by the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom, and it is now the turn of the University of Louvain (KUL) to sound the warning. Through a recent study, the conclusion reached is that scratch tickets, online poker or other types of betting affect all age groups, including the most vulnerable of which are children.

High instance of minors exposed to gambling

The study in question published recently by the KUL offers some disturbing figures. It concludes that one-third of minors aged 10 to 12 have access to games of chance. What is the most disturbing part is that in many cases it is a member of the family who indirectly exposes the minors to this activity, beginning with such forms as scratch tickets. For their part, online casinos have also been known to attract minors with at least 5% of under 18's already having staked money in virtual rooms.


Parents' supervisory responsibility

According to KUL researchers, the risk of addiction remains very high because it exists in many forms. Following the publication of this study, the president of the Commission of Games of Chance appealed to parents to be responsible, since their supervisory role is paramount to protecting children. They must educate their children and restrict access to this form of adult indulgence.

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By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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