The Apple Card and online gambling

Apple Inc. to restrict online gambling payments with new Apple Card

By Sophie Couard
Apple Inc. together with Goldman Sachs are to introduce the Apple Card credit card.

While many industries have embraced Apple products, it would seem that Apple does not always reciprocate, at least when it comes to online gambling. Just after revising their policy towards free-to-play casino apps, the Apple Card credit card, launched in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, will not be available for use at online gambling sites. We've got a summary next.

Apple Card credit card with 3% cashback

It seems that the world was taken by surprise when on March 25, 2019, at a special event, Apple announced that they would be launching their own Apple Card credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

This latest product joins other popular products from the American multinational which includes the iPhone, iPad, Mac PC and Apple Watch amongst others. Given that iPhones make up the bulk of Apple sales, there is no doubt that this product is in part an attempt to further diversify sales. A perk of the new card will be a cashback incentive of up to 3%.

The Apple Card Credit Card

Disappointingly, as per the T&C, this latest product will not be available to online gambling players.

The downside of the new card

Unfortunately, the old adage that says, 'if something is too good to be true, it probably is', applies here. The reason is that if you look closely into the terms and conditions of the new credit card, players will find that transactions on gambling websites are prohibited.

This of course means that players will have to resort to other payment methods in order to indulge in their favourite table games, slot games and other favourites.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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