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888 Holdings do not protect vulnerable players: UK Gambling Commission imposes record fine on them

By Sophie Couard

The UK Gambling Commission does not joke about the safety of gamblers. It has just proved it to us once again by condemning the 888 Holdings Group to a severe fine of £7.8 million for failing to protect vulnerable players. Let's take a look at this reassuring news that reminds us that regulators are doing their job perfectly to ensure our safety.

A conscientious commission

The 888 Holdings Group operates several prestigious online gambling sites: 888Casino, 888Games and 888Poker. Despite his extensive industry experience and professionalism, it would appear that he did not follow scrupulously all the regulations of the British jurisdiction, which imposed itself as one of the strictest in the world. Indeed, the operator has not prevented certain vulnerable and at-risk players from betting on its virtual rooms despite the exclusion of these Internet users.

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3.5 million pounds deposited by 7,000 excluded players

This whole affair began last May, when 888 Holdings announced that the UK Gambling Commission was investigating possible problems. This was achieved three months later when the regulator discovered that 3.5 million pounds had been deposited by 7,000 players who were excluded from the operator-managed sites.


The penalty was soon to be imposed and it is now known that 888 Holding will have to pay a £7.8 million fine, which is the UK's all-time record.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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