85,942 dead Alive

One hour on Dead or Alive equals €85.942

By Sophie Couard

There are different ways to earn lots of money on a slot machine. Just pocket a progressive jackpot (More than $5 million in winnings: Mega Moolah jackpot still falling!) or to take advantage of a generous functionality (75,525 coins won via a multiplier 3.021x). But you can also simply multiply the winning games with the most lucrative symbols of the game. This is what happened to a Bitstarz online casino gambler who was having a quiet time on the Dead or Alive slot machine. We'll get to the bottom of this interesting news right away.

Very high volatility

Especially popular, the Dead or Alive video slot developed by the publisher Netent is known for its volatility (variance) which is one of the highest on the web. As a result, losing parties often tend to multiply.

But in return, there is a real way to make a lot of money.

dead or alive netent

A total profit of 85,942

This, our lucky winner was able to find out for himself. Indeed, he did a superb game session for a total profit of 85.942€. During this period, he notably benefited from two super spins, one of which was worth over €45,000. It was by collecting 5 Scatter during a game with a €18 bet that he made this superb win.

The icing on the cake: his game session lasted only about an hour.

It doesn't have to be a progressive jackpot to win big money on a slot machine.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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