Electronic roulette winning

13 people arrested for €800,000 fraud

By Sophie Couard

Lately we seem to be hearing a lot about cheating going on at casinos. On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, we learned that 13 people, including one woman, were arrested after a fraud was uncovered involving an electronic roulette.

Young suspects between 20 and 25 years

The suspects were all from the same city and arrested by police on Tuesday. They are between the ages of 20 and 25. Some of the perpetrators were known to the police for many years and seem to have recently found a way to win a lot in electronic roulette.

A system error

The gang managed to commit this fraud after they discovered a system error in the electronic roulette. Some electronic roulette wheels have the controller directly under the table. It is necessary for the maintenance of the game and also serves to interrupt a game and then get the bet back. With the help of such a controller, the band managed to get hundreds of thousands of euros from the roulette.

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Irregularities in the permanences

The fraud seemed to begin in the spring of 2017. At this time, irregularities in permanence were noted at the Barrière Casino in Enghein-les-Bains in Val-d'Oise. An anomaly was seen in one of the electronic roulette tables as it lost almost no rounds of play. The casinos then reinforced the surveillance of the area and later discovered a man whose hand was covered by a backpack - the hand he apparently held the controller with.

€800,000 diverted

It took nearly three months for the Barriere Casino in Enghein-les-Bains to detect the fraud. During this time, the band managed to divert over €800,000 from the casino. The prosecution of Pontoise is reiterating that this is a very serious case of fraud involving other casinos, two of which are in the UK.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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