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Brazen robery in Wynn Casino of Macau, $6 million lost

By Sophie Couard

The Wynn Macao Casino was the victim of a brazen robbery.

After a series of raids on casinos in the Las Vegas area, a casino in Macau has now been the victim of a similar robbery. This time though, it was not an armed robbery, but the casino that suffered a really heavy loss of $6 million altogether.

An inside dealer and his accomplice were arrested

The famous Wynn Casino Macao was the victim of a theft when one of the casino's own dealers was said to have stolen chips. He quietly put them in his pocket and then left the scene, without attracting the attention of security or surveillance cameras. But to exchange these chips, he had to return to the casino, which then allowed the local authorities to track him down. He was arrested along with a possible accomplice.

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Security in the casinos

A dealer and his accomplice stole $6 million in playing chips.

With this incident, the question surrounding security in the casinos in Macao arises. The fall-out could be that that the local authorities require employees of the casinos to strengthen their surveillance so that such incidents are unlikely to happen in the future.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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