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Celebrate Halloween with Lucky31 and win €25,000

By Sophie Couard

Lucky31 is a special promotion to celebrate Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween, Lucky31 Online Casino is partnering with developer Yggdrasil Gaming to feature a slot machine signed by Yggdrasil Gaming. From Friday, October 27th to Wednesday, November 1st, playing in the Pumpkin Smash video slot, there are 1,000 cash prizes to be won for a total prize pool of €25,000. So let's take stock together of this interesting special promotion right now.

The Mysterious Halloween Cash Run

To participate in this exceptional offer, it's very easy. On the Lucky31 online casino, you just have to play in real mode, between October 27th at 10am CET and November 1st at 11:59pm CET, with the Pumpkin Smash slot machine developed by the publisher Yggdrasil Gaming via a minimum bid of 0.50€. This can allow us to trigger a pumpkin with a random prize from the pool.

A 25,000€ prize pool to share

In total, there are 1,000 cash prizes automatically credited to be won with:

The online casino offers 1,000 cash prizes for a total prize pool of €25,000 to be shared by playing at the Pumpkin Smash video slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.

  • 1 lot of 2.000€,
  • 2 lots of 1.000€,
  • 2 lots of 700€,
  • 2 lots of 500€,
  • 2 lots of 300€,
  • 2 lots of 250€,
  • 4 lots of 100€,
  • 24 lots of 75€,
  • 41 lots of 50€,
  • 50 lots of 30€,
  • 60 lots of 25€,
  • 70 lots of 20€,
  • 290 lots of 15€,
  • 450 lots of 10€.

In short, Lucky31 offers us an ideal opportunity to have fun while trying to earn cash. So why not take advantage of this interesting Halloween special.


By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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