2 million Franc jackot

Jackpot worth 2 million franc at Swiss Casino St-Gallen

By Sophie Couard

A player has just won a jackpot at Swiss Casino St-Gallen.

Earlier in the week, we informed our readers about the winning of a jackpot worth €130,520. At the end of another week, a casino in St. Gallen has just rewarded a lucky winner a jackpot worth over 2 million Swiss francs (about 1.75 million euros)!

A spontaneous decision that proved lucrative

The lucky player, who is in the news, spontaneously decided to visit the casino in the Swiss region of Lake Constance to have some fun there. The first time he had gone out with friends, but this time he decided to visit the Swiss Casino St-Gallen with his wife. It was not long before his decision proved to be the right one after becoming an instant millionaire!

casino saint gall

At the 21st spin with a bet of 21 francs

With a bet of 21 Swiss francs, he won about two million Swiss francs in the 21st round.

The Appenzell-born player was targeting a specific game in the casino. He then played each round with a bet of 21 francs. As fate would have it, he won the jackpot in the 21st round winning over 2 million Swiss francs.

With this great jackpot prize, he can now repay the mortgage on his house, spoil his family, and launch some projects.

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By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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