Counting cards at blackjack

feedback FAQ about Blackjack Card Counting

How do I count cards in blackjack?
When you play live blackjack, or live blackjack, you can assign a numerical value to the cards, regardless of their suit. The values are -1, 0 and +1. The higher the number that results from your count, the better.
Can you win at blackjack without strategy?
Despite the RNG, having strategies will allow you to play with knowledge, anticipating your bets in the best possible way.
Is the film "Blackjack 21" realistic?
The truth is that "Blackjack 21" has been heavily criticised, especially by live blackjack players. It is considered that it does not provide a realistic approach to counting.
Is card counting allowed?
When you play online blackjack, card counting is only allowed in live mode. If you do not use any software, card counting is not illegal per se.