Zitro - Game Casino Software review

The developer Zitro
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Founded in in 2007, Zitro is a leader in video and electronic bingo. Before the start of 2016, their focus was solely on bingo, but they diversified into video slots in early 2016, under the brand name Bryke. The developer also offers a Bingo Hall system BET. Zitro operate some of the largest bingo halls in Latin America and the world.

They also offer interconnected electronic bingo in Spain as well as Electronic Bingo Rooms. Scrolling through their website, you will find over 60 video bingo games alone.

In just a short period of time, the developer's video slot selection under the Bryke brand has grown in number with a variety of themes. Chief amongst them, you will find many of the most common proprietary slots might carry themes like Vikings, fruits, dragons and diamonds for starters. Some of the games that they have developed include Royal Diamond, Viking Legend and the progressive jackpot slot Dragon Princess. The developer has also won a number of awards throughout their existence including more recently Game Content Debut Award (2017) and Gold Star Award (2017).

Strengths and weaknesses

The casino games from Zitro have several positive features that include:

  • the developer has a core competency in video bingo, video slots and electronic bingo,
  • use of HTML5 available on desktop, mobile and tablet device for Android and iOS,
  • slots and bingo games with diverse themes and games,
  • operate some of the largest bingo halls in Latin America and globally,
  • some slots have progressive jackpots,
  • recipient of several awards.

Unfortunately, it is regrettable that:

  • absence of table games such as Roulette, Baccarat and poker,
  • game themes have proprietary themes so you won't find licensed themes.

Reliable and trustworthy

Zitro recognizes their role in helping to prevent gambling addiction and so they are part of the Advisory Council of Responsible Gaming of the Government of Spain. The diversity in the popularity of their games globally suggests that players are comfortable in the Zitro brand.