Lyvegame - Game Casino Software review

The developer Lyvegame
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Lyvegame is a Dublin, Ireland based developer established in 2010 who provides solutions catered towards their customers. Their primary product is internet broadcasting of live casino games. Their products also include sports betting and customized betting events such as Roulette games that allow players to bet on the outcome of the wheel.

Finally, they produce out-of-the-box solutions that include game development, informational display and online betting. Lyvegame is also the owner of All Coin Casino.

Strengths and weaknesses

The casino games from Lyvegame have several positive features that include:

  • facilitating internet broadcasting of live casino games as well as sports betting through their tailored solutions,
  • producing out-of-the-box solutions that go into game development, informational display and online betting,
  • operating its own brand casino called All Coin Casino which is a cryptocurrency gambling live casino platform,
  • games that are high quality, intuitive and user friendly, and they can be found at a number of casinos.

Unfortunately, it is regrettable that:

  • that they are not a developer of slots or other popular games.

History dating back to 2010

Lyvegame has been around since 2010 and in that time has built trust and brought the excitement of live casino to players over the internet.