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Casino review / Partouche de Djerba

By Sophie Couard
Sophie Couard
event_note Published on 10 May 2017
created Updated 28 May 2019

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Opening Date

01 Jan 1998

Review written by Sophie Couard, on March 17, 2015.

The island of Djerba is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea southeast of Tunisia. It is the largest of the Maghreb, and is a very popular destination for tourists, as it has many sandy beaches and a multicultural architecture. Several great civilisations have left their mark over time and created a diverse history. The Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, vandals, Byzantines and Arabs have all left important heritage, which is now enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary in 1998, the Partouche group opened their casino here on this historic island. The Casino in Djerba is the first establishment that meets the Pasino standard concept and offers many different entertainment activities. It has become a must visit for nightlife entertainment since its opening.

Let us now see in more detail what the establishment has to offer.

A great game selection

The games room at the Casino in Djerba has a relatively traditional design which creates a nice atmosphere to play in. However, I would like to mention that the blue carpet with the golden stars is not of the best taste, but despite this it is very nice to play there. In order to be allowed to play the games you have to be an adult of at least 18 years, and present a valid ID at the entrance of the casino.

The slot machines

The games room is open every day from 10 am to 4 am, and there are a total of 159 devices accepting bets in form of tokens from 0.50 DT to 5 DT. You can find games of the following categories:

  • traditional mechanical slot machines,
  • modern video slot machines,
  • video poker games.

The table games

If you prefer traditional table games you can find 20 tables at the Pasino in Djerba, among them the following games:

  • punto banco,
  • English roulette,
  • blackjack,
  • stud poker.

The table games are available from 8 pm in the evening to 4 am in the morning.

Services aside from gambling

The games room is obviously the main attraction at the Partouche Casino in Djerba. However, as you cannot spend the whole day and night playing the games, the establishment also offers some other services. You can relax, clear your head and take a break between the games at one of the facilities that I will explain more in the following paragraphs.

Two bars

The Primavera winter garden snack bar welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere under a large canopy with dim lighting. Players and night owls are welcome to enjoy the night, party or have a drink. The bar offers a large selection of hot or cold drinks with out without alcohol, and it is even possible to order some sweet or savoury snacks. You can also enjoy music entertainment every night from Wednesday to Saturday.

There is also a bar in the casino games room. The Café Maure is reserved for adults aged 18 years or older, and it is necessary to present a valid ID.

Two restaurants

If you want to have a quick bite to eat you can visit the Primavera bar or the Café Maure, that both offer a good selection of snacks. Fortunately, there is also a proper restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet food in a nice environment.

The oriental restaurant El Ferida is open from 8 pm to 1 am, and offers fine dining with a great selection of original and traditional dishes. The atmosphere is worthy of the finest Tunisian Palaces, and you can order specialties, such as for example:

  • different soups,
  • a mixed platter with sea food, poultry terrine, or foie gras as cold starters,
  • traditional brik with tuna or a selection of sea food as hot starters,
  • oriental stuffed sea bream or in cream sautéed prawns as fish or crustacean dishes,
  • farmer veal liver with a drop of red wine or a duck breast with orange sauce as meat dishes,
  • different couscous dishes,
  • many different desserts of the day.

If you prefer a restaurant with more affordable rates you can visit the restaurant at the games room. The Tio Mario can only be accessed by adults of 18 years or older, and it is necessary to present a valid ID.

A shopping centre

There are also multiple shops available in the establishment that give you the opportunity to take a break and stroll around. The shops offer rare arts and crafts products and other beautiful things that let you dream when walking through the shops. Even if you do not intend to buy anything, just seeing the products is a pleasure, and highly recommended.

A theatre and conference room

The Pasino also has the largest conference room of the island of Djerba and it is named after Enrico Macias. The room is 800 m² large and can accommodate 1,200 people in a luxurious atmosphere. The room can be changed to facilitate all kinds of events: conferences, seminars, private parties or weddings. You can also visit events with different activities or shows.

In short, the Pasino in Djerba offers many interesting services in a beautiful atmosphere. The establishment has two friendly and warm bars and two excellent restaurants. However, it is mainly the casino that will hold our attention. It features a relatively traditional but entertaining game selection that allows any player to have a nice experience.


Important information


In the centre of the island Djerba.

Opening hours

Slot machines : from 10 am to 4 am.

Table games : from 8 pm to 4 am.

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