Land-based casinos in Oceania

The first casinos were built in Europe. The casino in Venice is considered to be the very first dedicated gambling establishment in the world, as it was opened in 1638. However, gambling has always been popular everywhere in the world, and today, you can also find land-based casino in Australia and Oceania. Where they are, and what they have to offer can be found out in the rest of this article.

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Main areas with casinos

Although Australia only has 10 land-based casinos the country is the sixth largest international market behind Macau, Singapore, France and Atlantic City. Australians are gamblers to the core, and the country leads the world with the highest loss per citizen in the world.

There are a huge casinos in Australia, the biggest are the Jupiters Gold Coast Broadbeach, the Treasury Brisbane and the Casino in Adelaide. These casinos and managed by large international corporations, such as Skycity, Crown or the Star Entertainment Group.

Australia is not the only place with casinos in Oceania, New Zealand also has some land-based establishments, such as for example Skycity Auckland, Skycity Hamilton and Skycity Queenstown.

Most popular games

Players in Oceania and Australia particularly like slot machines. These games are featured more here than in other casinos anywhere in the world. Video poker is also very popular, as well as some table games. You can mostly find all the western classics, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, pontoon and casino war, but it is also possible to play many Asian casino games, such as sic bo, pai gow and tai sai.