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Casino review / Nova Scotia Halifax

By Sophie Couard
Sophie Couard
event_note Published on 10 May 2017
created Updated 10 May 2017

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Opening Date

01 Jun 1995

Review written by Sophie Couard, on February 10, 2016.

The Casino Nova Scotia is one of the many attractions and sights in the Regional Municipality of Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, and the largest city in eastern Canada. Complementing the various sights, including the Clock Tower, Citadel, public gardens, multiple museums, Grand Parade and others, is the Casino that offers a wide range of services to entertain the visitors and give them the chance to win some money. Players can enjoy the three main categories of games, including slot machines with over 400 different devices of different types, table games and poker. The Casino also offers two options for dining with the unique restaurants Trapeze and Real Meal Deal. The establishment also offers different services and packages, and it is also possible to book rooms to host your own events, private and corporate.

Casino Nova Scotia : a date with the games

The Casino Nova Scotia offers three main types of games of chance in their establishment. You can choose to either play slot machines, and select a game from a huge selection, you can play at the table games and choose from over 30 tables, or you can play a game of poker against other players in the poker room and participate in either cash games or tournaments.

The slot machines

When you play at the Casino in Halifax you can enjoy a slot machine hall with over 500 slot machines. You can play any game you like, the casino offers all types of slot machines, including machines with mechanical reels, video slot machines and video poker games.

The casino can also accommodate players with different budgets. You should be able to play at a machine you like and also with the denomination that is suitable for you. The casino has machines with bet sizes ranging from $0.01 to $100. Playing at the slots is also very easy, as you can use Canadian bank notes in all machines. Some of the slot machines can also award you massive winnings, as they have a progressive jackpot system.

The Casino also hosts regular slot machine tournaments without any requirements, and luck will be your greatest ally.

The slot machine room is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 am, and Fridays and Saturdays 24 hours. However, the Casino is closed to the public during certain holidays, such as Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

The table games

The Casino Nova Scotia offers a selection of 11 gaming tables divided into two categories: traditional games and electronic game tables. In order to make all their players happy, the casino also offers games at High Limit tables, such as blackjack with the King's Bounty Side Bet option, Let it Ride Bonus Poker, EZ Baccarat and English Roulette with a single zero.


The Casino offers different variants of Blackjack to satisfy the fans of this game that is ranked among the most popular casino games in the world. You can play blackjack games with the King's Bounty Side Bet option, Blackjack Switch and Blackjack High Limit also with the King's Bounty Side Bet option.

The bets accepted at the blackjack tables are also suitable for many players. In fact, you can choose a table offering bets ranging from $5 to $100, $10 to $200, $25 to $500 and from $100 to $1,000.


For fans of Roulette the Casino offers two types of games, including American Roulette with the additional double zero field and French Roulette. An unlimited number of players can play at the tables. Although these two variants have the same basic rules each game will give you a different thrill.
You can experience a game at these tables with a minimum stake of $5.

Let it Ride Bonus Poker

Let it Ride Poker Bonus Poker is one of the alternatives available at the Casino Nova Scotia. The first difference to regular poker lies in the fact that players will not have to compete, instead they have to try get a better hand than that of the dealer. As this is a very easy game, Let it Ride Bonus Poker is often used as a gateway game to larger tables with Texas Hold'em Poker.
The minimum bet for a game is $5, and Let it Ride Bonus Poker is available to players of all levels. There is also a Let it Ride High Limits table available for high rollers who want even more fun.

Mississippi Stud Poker

Poker fans also have the chance to participate in a game of Mississippi Stud poker with 3 Card Bonus Bet, which is yet another variant of Poker. This type of table game lets players also compete against each other with the hands of eventual winners needing to be superior to that of the dealer.
Unlike classic Poker, Mississippi Stud Poker requires an "Ante" from $5 to be paid before the first card is distributed.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker is the closest variant of Texas Hold'em Poker. It differs by the fact that each player cannot place more bets after the fifth card or the River Card has been dealt.
The Casino also offers the opportunity to try these poker games and other variants, such as Royal Flush Bonus, Omaha Poker and Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot.


Fans of dice games have the chance to play Craps. The game is one that fits into the category of pure gambling, and it will take you to the heights of excitement and thrills, and reward you with a friendly and trendy atmosphere, especially because of the enthusiasm of the players around the table.
Unlike most of the other big games, the Craps table is only open Friday and Saturday from 8 pm.

EZ Baccarat

EZ Baccarat is one of many card games offered at Casino Nova Scotia which is included in the category of table games with high limits. The rules applied to the EZ Baccarat are virtually the same as traditional Baccarat, except for the 5% commission that is collected by the dealer in case of a winning bet on the bank. This means that you have the choice of betting on your own hand, or on that of the Bank.

Electronic table games

The casino also gives you the opportunity to benefit from the latest technology while at the same time enjoying the atmosphere of the great traditional games,. You can play at two main tables, such as the Table Master and Vegas Star. These are equipped with 5 touch screens, and they allow you to play games, such as electronic Blackjack with your friends.

The traditional table games are open from Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 4 am, and Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 6 am. The tables with high limits are open Sunday to Thursday from 8 pm to 4 am, and am on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 pm to 6 am.

The poker Room

The Casino in Nova Scotia is the place to be for Poker fans. The casino has a poker room with 8 tables. The Poker room usually offers two main variants, including Texas Hold'em No Limit and Omaha Pot Limit. However, the casino is also able to arrange games according to your preferences and requirements.
The cash games of No Limit Hold'em ask for blinds of $1/$2 and a buy-in from $40 to $200. The tables Omaha Pot Limit Hi require blinds of $5/$5 and a buy-in of $200 to $1,000.
The Poker room can also accommodate tournaments, such as the monthly casino tournament for $230 that takes place every third Sunday of the month, holiday tournaments and league tournaments with smaller buy-ins.
The Poker room is open Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 2 am, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 am.

Dining at the Casino Nova Scotia

The Casino Nova Scotia is also able to offer you something to impress your taste buds. In fact, there are two restaurants at the same level of the casino.

The restaurant "Trapeze"

Trapeze is the place of the Casino to try fine delicacies while enjoying an exceptional atmosphere. The restaurant is located at the seafront and offers breathtaking views of the Bay of Fundy and the old town of Dartmouth.
Regarding the kitchen, the chef and his team present you delicacies and delicious dishes made from a soft blend of local and regional cuisine, as well as the great classics of world gastronomy. The restaurant offers a menu with three categories, including "Appetizers", "Lighter Fare" and " Entrées ". In the Appetizers category you can find, among other dishes, seafood chowder for $9, nachos for $15, bacon wrapped meatballs for $8, grilled chicken summer salad for $8, mussels for $8 and potato skins for $10. In the Lighter Fare category you can find the B.Y.O. Burger for $12, club house chicken for $14, chicken flat bread for $15, fish and chips for $10 for one and $14 for two pieces, maritime haddock Po'boy for $16, a seafood basket for $15, philly cheese for $16, and many more. Finally, the category Entrées presents dishes, such as grilled pork tenderloin for $18, chicken linguine carbonara for $15, haddock for $16, chickpea & black bean curry with quinoa pilaf for $15, lemon chicken for $18, and many more.
The Trapeze welcomes you from Sunday to Thursday from 11.30am to 9 pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 11.30 am to 11 pm. The restaurant also offers brunches that take place every Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 am to 2 pm.

The Reel Meal Deal

The Reel Meal Deal is a place for players at the casino, and they can have a snack there and taste delicious food during their breaks. There are many choices on the menu, including small nachos for $11, buffalo chicken wrap for $12, fish and chips for $11, hot dog and fries for $6.50, three pieces chicken tenders for $11, crispy chicken Caesar for $10.50, the bacon and egger which is served between 11.30 am to 3 pm for $7, and onion rings for $7.50.
The Reel Deal Meal can serve you dishes Sunday to Thursday from 11.30 am to 11 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30 am to 2 am.

Events at the Casino Nova Scotia

To make your stay in Halifax as memorable as possible, the Casino Nova Scotia also invites you to visit one of their many events and shows. There are several theatres and rooms available, such as the Schooner Room, the Compass Room, the Harbourfront Lounge and even different game rooms.
The program, that you can find at the venue or on the casino website, offers many different performances, for example shows of the legendary singer-songwriter Roger Hodgson, live concerts of David Myles, Matt Andersen & The Mellotones, comedy shows of the Halifax Comedy Fest group, and many others.
You can also visit different events related to food, games and contests, and many more.

Your private and corporate events at the Casino Nova Scotia

The Casino Nova Scotia is also able to accommodate your private and professional events. The establishment offers two modular rooms, the Schooner Room with a capacity of 300 people for dances, dinners and buffets or up to 650 people for cocktails or theatre configurations. There is also the Compass Room with a capacity of 80 to 120 people.
The establishment also has a professional team who are able to offer you a customised event to meet your requirements. All equipment, materials, menus and everything you need to perfect your event, such as weddings, anniversaries, private parties, banquets, conferences, business committees and other receptions is available and can be customised according to your needs.
You can contact the casino officials for reservations, or in case you need help with the development and preparation of your events, and they will be happy to answer all your questions, and prepare you an offer exceeding your expectations.

More at the Casino Nova Scotia

The Casino in Halifax also offers many deals that let you enjoy different benefits when you stay there. Among these offers are, the opportunity to join the Player's Club program that offers discounts and easier access to the game rooms and other benefits you can make use of at the casinos, various occasional promotions, such as holiday and gift ideas for your loved ones, for example the Great Gift Giveaway. The registration at the Player's Club can be done either online by completing the form provided on the Casino website or you can do it directly at the casino.

Important information


38 km from the international airport of Stanfield in Halifax with many regular flights to and from most major cities in Canada and other countries.

11 hours flight from Paris, 2 1/2 hours flight from Toronto, 2 hours flight from Ottawa and 1 1/2 hours flight from Montréal.

Opening hours

Slot machine hall: Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 am, and Fridays and Saturdays 24 hours.

Table games: Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 4 am, and Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 6 am.

High Limit Tables : Sunday to Thursday from 8 pm to 4 am, and Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 6 am.

Craps table : Friday and Saturday from 8 pm.

Poker Room : Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 2 am, and Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 4 am.

The restaurants :

  • Restaurant Le Trapeze : Sunday to Thursday from 11.30 am to 9 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30 am to 11 pm. The restaurant also offers branch on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 am to 2 pm.
  • Le Reel Meal Deal : Sunday through Thursday from 11.30 am to 11 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30 am to 2 am.
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