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Casino review / King's Rozvadov

By Sophie Couard
Sophie Couard
event_note Published on 07 Nov 2017
created Updated 07 Nov 2017

General information


10 €





Opening Date

26 Jun 2003

Review written by Sophie Couard, on April 11, 2016.

The largest poker room in Europe can be found in a small village with 800 inhabitants, which is located on the German-Czech border. The King's Casino in Rozvadov is a paradise for lovers of this card game. Your can find players from all European continents and an international crowd of poker fans during the tournaments.

Although there are also 100 slot machines and 15 table games, you should not expect the casino to be as big as one from the Las Vegas Strip. When you visit the casino on a Tuesday afternoon, for example, you probably will not meet many players. In fact, it is usually relatively quiet there which helps to concentrate. In short, the establishment has a serene atmosphere for playing the games, and many regulars and enthusiasts gather there to have a good time.

The King's Casino in Rozvadov in the Czech Republic is located between Prague and Munich in about 2 hours 15 minutes drive from each of these two cities. Let me now take a more detailed look at what the establishment has to offer.

A casino specialised in poker tournaments

Let me start the review with the casino in the establishment. It is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be accessed by adults who are at least 18 years old, and it is necessary to present a valid identity card, a driving license or a passport. The casino stretches over 4,500 m² and offers casino games and poker games. Unfortunately, to enter the casino you have to pay an admission of €10, which in my opinion is not too high, and once you are inside you can enjoy a free buffet with salads, desserts, different beverages and even beer. Yes, free beer, as much as you like!

The slot machines

There are around 100 slot machines in total, and you can find:

  • mechanical slot machines,
  • video slot machines,
  • games with progressive jackpots,
  • multi-functionality games,
  • video poker.

The table games

Fans of traditional table games can play several games at 12 tables with:

  • American roulette with bets from €1 to €200,
  • blackjack from €5 to €500,
  • punto banco from €20 to €2,000,
  • 5 card Caribbean poker from €5,
  • Russian poker from €10,
  • King's hold'em from €5.


It is probably the poker room that attracts most of the attention of the players. The comprehensive program attracts many different players, which also means that it is difficult to say what level the players are at. There are players of every level: regular players, beginners, professionals and poker experts.

There is at least one tournament every day with buy-ins starting from €30 and many others are available, all the way up to €25,000! In short, the establishment caters to all sorts of players.

Players who prefer cash games will be happy to hear that they can also continuously participate in many different variants. There are tables with lower stakes, such as €1/€1. These limits can also be very high, depending on what the players want.

Another nice thing is that free neck and shoulder massages are offered during the games and on the table for €5/€10 you can also order meals from the gourmet restaurant. This sounds very nice, doesn't it?

Some additional services

There is a free self service buffer and a gourmet restaurant, as I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph about the casino. As expected, such a large business in such a small town must of course enable other activities and services, which I will give you more details about in the next paragraphs.

A hotel

The King's Casino in Rozvadov has recently been completely renovated, and it now has a hotel with rooms for all budgets. Depending on the category of the room and the season, prices range from €40 per night for a standard room to €150 for a 5-star suite.

The rooms are always clean, relatively spacious and well equipped. However, although the decor is not bad, the style is very bland. Although you are not in a boutique hotel it feels like this is just an establishment to give the players in the casino a bed to sleep. But is this really a problem? Personally, I don't think so, especially considering that the value for money is very good.

The self service buffet

As I already mentioned in the paragraph about the casino, the casino offers the players a self service buffet. The buffet is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and it is completely free with food and soft drinks. Included are breakfast (until to 3 pm!), different salads and a variety of desserts. There are also hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), soft drinks, fruit juices and even beers, that are considered soft drinks in the Czech Republic. You can also order alcoholic beverages or cocktails, but you have to pay extra for them.

A gourmet restaurant

Players who wish to enjoy more sophisticated dished can also enjoy a meal at a real gourmet restaurant (this one is not free though), that offers a good menu. However, the kitchen is not very large, the food is good, sometimes even very original, but do not expect a meal worthy of the best restaurants in the world.

The shuttle service

The establishment also offers a shuttle service to different cities nearby to make access to the players as easy as possible:

  • Amberg (€50),
  • Bor (€20),
  • Marienbad (€40),
  • Munich (€150),
  • Nürnberg (€100),
  • Pilsen (€50),
  • Plana (€30),
  • Prague (€100),
  • Regensburg (€80),
  • Stribro (€40),
  • Tachoy (€25),
  • Waidhaus (€10),
  • Weiden (€35).


The King's Casino in Rozvadov is an excellent medium-sized casino with an exceptional poker room and excellent benefits (such as massages and the free self service buffet!). The other services (the hotel, gourmet restaurant, shuttle service) offer good value for money.

It may be worth making the trip out there for poker fans, and for everyone else it is worth it if you are between Munich and Prague for a few days. It would be a shame not to plan at least one night in Rozvadov to discover this fantastic establishment. It is definitely worth a visit!


Important information


Just between Prague and Munich, around 2.5 hours drive away from each of those cities.

Opening hours

24 hours, 7 days a week.

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