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By Sophie Couard
Sophie Couard
event_note Published on 10 May 2017
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01 Jan 1905

Review written by Sophie Couard, January 25, 2016.

The small village Fumades-les-Bains belongs to the town of Allègre-les-Fumades in the Gard department in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The village offers many advantages to attract many visitors. In addition to having the only spa in the department, the village is also the location of the Casino Allegre-les-Bains. When you visit this establishment, you have the opportunity to enjoy many different services. The Casino invites you to play various games, including slot machines, blackjack, electronic English roulette electronic and the game Boule. The establishment also allows you to have a relaxing and entertaining time when you visit the restaurant or take part in one of the events or activities.

The pleasure of gambling at the Casino Fumades-les-Bains

The Casino Allegre-les-Bains offers very nice gaming areas with a great atmosphere. You can find a slot machines hall with 75 devices of different types, and three traditional table games, including one for blackjack, one for electronic English roulette and one for the game Boule.

The slot machine selection

The Casino Fumades-les-Bains offers you a fantastic gaming experience with their selection of 75 slot machines. You can find all types of slot machines, including mechanical machines, video slot machines and video poker.

All types of machines are available with different denominations, allowing you to choose one according to your own criteria as for example your budget or the time you wish to play. You can play at 7 video slot machines for 1 cent, 5 mechanical machines and 15 video slots for 2 cents, 2 video slot machines for 5 cents, 11 mechanical machines and 4 video poker games for 50 cents, 11 mechanical machines and 4 video poker for 50 cents, 5 mechanical machines and 4 video poker for €1, and 5 video poker games for €2. You can also find 5 machines with multiple games and multiple denominations of either 1 or 2 cents.

The slot machine room is open Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 3 am and on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 10 am to 4 am.

The table games

The Casino Fumades-les-Bains also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of traditional table games. Among your choices are blackjack, electronic English Roulette and the game Boule.


The blackjack table is open to all lovers of this popular game. The minimum bet is €2, allowing you to challenge the dealer at the table. Beginners can also get introductory sessions from the personnel of the games room.

Electronic English roulette

One of the most popular table games is electronic English roulette, and the game allows you to enjoy a thrilling gaming experience. The minimum bet is €1, and you can try your luck and play how you like.

The game Boule

The Casino also invites you to play the game Boule 2000. The rules are much simpler than those of Roulette, and the Boule game gives you the opportunity to really enjoy a game of chance. You can bet from €1 to a maximum of €40 per game.

All gaming tables of the Casino Allegre-les-Bains are open from Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm to 3 am, and on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 9 pm to 4 am.

The Casino in Allègre-les-Fumades for culinary delights

To offer a complete service, the Casino Fumades-les-Bains also has a restaurant called "Le Café de Paris". The restaurant has a fantastic decor and an exceptional atmosphere, and the chef and his team offer some incredible dishes. The restaurant has a varied menu that changes with the seasons, and the dishes are made with fresh local produce.

You can find many different dishes on the menu, among them a choice of salads starting from €8.50, such as tomato and mozzarella, hot goat cheese salad, Caesar salad or Niçoise salad, different dishes and set menus from €14.50, such as a pork platter with dessert and coffee, beef carpaccio, camembert fondue with cold meats, duck breast with mushroom sauce, Bavarian entrecote, or beef steak with foie gras and mushroom sauce, or sea food dishes from €15.50, such as grilled prawns, cuttlefish a la plancha, grilled salmon and olive oil sauce, or fried calamari Roman style.

The chef also presents different set menus. You can choose from a Children's menu for €8.50, the Jackpot Menu with €8 in chips for the slot machines for €18. This menu lets you choose from three starters, three main courses and cheeses or desserts.

Gourmets can also order the specialties of the Café de Paris, for example, the Moules Frites with a dessert for €13.50 or Couscous Royal "maison" with a dessert for €15.50.

The restaurant welcomes you from Wednesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 2 pm for lunch, and 6.30 pm to 10 pm in the evening for dinner.

Events at the Casino Fumades-les-Bains

The Casino in Allègre-les-Fumades also offers a variety of activities allowing you to really enjoy your holidays or weekend trips.

The Casino offers you the chance to win lots of prizes while having fun, and you can take part in various games and competitions. Among these games are the free Great Tombola "Lucky Cash" and the Supers Lotos Bingo.

Other events include various specials for gourmets. For example, you can enjoy various themed buffets, such as the Asian buffet where you can taste the best specialties of the continent, and many others events.

Also speaking of luck and random events, the Casino Fumades also offers free Tarot sessions.

Music lovers can also visit Dancing du Casino and enjoy special evenings, such as retro balls, musical evenings, revue evenings, tea dances, and many more.

More services at the Casino in Allègre-les-Bains

In addition to games and events, the Casino Fumades-les-Bains offers various other services to make your stay even nicer.

The Casino offers a loyalty program that you can take advantage of when you visit the establishment, which gives you many benefits. You can go to the reception of the Casino and ask them for a free VIP Privilege card. When you register, you will already be able to make use of the first offer of €15 in chips for the slot machines.

To make accessing the casino even easier, the establishment also offers a free shuttle that does round trips between the Casino and different points in the town. You can contact the driver by calling 06 21 67 36 83. He can take you to your hotel, or any other place, no matter what the time.

Important information

Address and access

Casino d’Allègre-les-Fumades, SOCAFUMA SAS Fumades-les-Bains, 30500 – Allègre-les-Fumades.

Free shuttle to the casino that goes to the four corners of the town.

By car in direction to Salindres, then Fumades from Alès.

110 km from Montpellier, 183 km from Marseille, 238 km from Lyon, 338 km from Nice, 348 km from Toulouse and 699 km from Paris.

5 km from the train station of Saint-Julien-les-Fumades, 8 km from the train station of Saint-Ambroix and 8 km from the train station of Salindres.

40 km south of the aerodrome of Aubenas Ardèche, 51 km from the airport of Nîmes – Alès – Camargue – Cévennes and 62 km from the airport of Mende — Brenoux.

Opening hours

Slot machines : Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 3 am, and on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 10 am to 4 am.

Blackjack table : Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm to 3 am, and Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 9 pm to 4 am.

Electronic English roulette table : Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm to 3 am, and Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 9 pm to 4 am.

Boule 2000 table : Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm to 3 am, and Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 9 pm to 4 am.

Restaurant « Le Café de Paris » : Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 2 pm, and from 6.30 pm to 10 pm.

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