Land-based casinos in Africa

If we look at history and the present state of what is known, the first official instance of betting dates back 2300 years ago to China, and the first casino was built around 1638 in Venice, Italy. However, it is also known that money games have been played all the time, in virtually any place on the planet. It is not a surprise, that today, there are also some land-based casinos located in Africa. You can find out where they are and what they have to offer in the rest of this article.

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Main areas with casinos

Many casinos are scattered all over the African continent. However, some of the most popular areas are Maghreb and South Africa.

Although there are not many establishments located in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia or Egypt, you can some establishments, such as the Casino La Medina in Hammamet, the Pasino in Djerba and the Barrière Casino El Gezirah in Cairo.

South Africa features the largest gambling complexes that are similar to the ones in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macao. There is for example:

  • Sun City, that has a theme of royal residence located within a destroyed civilisation inspired by the novel The Jungle Book and King Solomon's Mines,
  • Rio Klerksdorp, that has a theme of the carnival in Rio.

Most popular games

The games played in Africa are very similar to the ones played in northern Europe. The most popular games are slot machines and video poker, and the most popular table games include roulette, blackjack and baccarat.