Video slots and 3D slots: free games and reviews

For fans of 3D slots and video slots, here's a selection of the most popular games
feedback FAQ about online casino Video slots and 3D slots
keyboard_tab How are video slot games played?
Slot games are very easy to learn because the player usually only has to choose his bet size and then spin the reels.
keyboard_tab How do I win at video slot games?
A winning combination on a slot game is achieved on a payline, a winning cluster or other combination of symbols on the screen. The possibilities of the games are listed in the rules of the slots.
keyboard_tab What are the characteristics of a video slot game?
The variety of video game slots is just enormous. There are games with bonuses, special symbols, with or without progressive jackpots, every imaginable theme, 3D slots with great animations, arcade slots for skilled players, exciting RPG games, and, and, and ...
keyboard_tab What are paylines?
A payline is a pre-defined winning path on the reels. If the same symbols appear on this path, usually with at least three symbols, there is a win. In way-wins, symbols must appear on adjacent reels.
keyboard_tab What are special symbols in video slot games?
The special symbols in video slots might be wild symbols that stand as a joker symbol for other symbols, and scatter symbols that pay out independent of position and may trigger free games. There are other symbols such as bonus symbols or mystery symbols, just to name a few.
keyboard_tab Are there any video slot games with progressive jackpots?
There are many video slots with progressive jackpots, including network jackpot slots and local progressive jackpot slots.