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GAME TEST / Lucky Reels
event_note Published on 07 Apr 2023
created Updated 07 Apr 2023
person By Sophie Couard

A German-American inventor named Charles August Fey built the first slot machine in history at the end of the 19th century. Obviously, the game was very rudimentary at that time, and the machine only used three mechanical reels and only a few symbols on them, some of them being the well-known bells, bars and 7s.

Nowadays, there are many video slot machines with 3D graphics and innovative features, one game better and more elaborate than the other. However, there are still some traditional slot machines available in digital form. And from time to time, it is very nice to play such a simple game.

Lucky Reels is one of those mechanical traditional slot machines, and you can find out what the game has to offer in the following review.

Lucky Reels Review

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A very simple game

To create a good traditional slot machine you will have to consider the rules and features of the game, and the developer Playson seems to have understood this, as the game Lucky Reels has no special features and only 3 reels with 5 pay-lines. However, the game has a special symbol, which is not a scatter symbol, but a wild symbol and it is marked Double Jackpot. The symbol can stand in for any other symbol to complete or create winning combinations, and it also doubles the payout of winnings achieved with it.

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A nice trip down memory lane

Lucky Reels CharacterThis is everything what the game has to offer in terms of features.

If you are a fan of elaborate video slots with many features and bonus games, you will likely be disappointed. But this game is not designed to please fans of elaborate games, it is for the players who appreciate a simple game, and everyone who does not like to try it, will miss out on an opportunity to experience a great game that reminds of the beginning of slot machines with its simple features and design.

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You really have to play the game to understand how much fun it is to play these simple games, and how much excitement they can provide.

The volatility (variance) is medium, which means that this game is suitable for any type of player, and the theoretical return to player is very high and stands at 96%.


In conclusion, I value the initiative of the developer Playson to create this game. Providing you appreciate this type of mechanical slot machine, I can recommend Lucky Reels to you, as it is a great game offering a lot of fun and entertainment.

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Lucky Reels