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event_note Published on 07 Jan 2019

You may have heard of the expression, “bat crazy” – or, “bats**t crazy”! Well, Betsoft is going a little crazy with their fruit-themed Fruit Bat Crazy. Never short on creativity, this slot is set to include special symbols, power wins and multiplying symbols. Betsoft also introduces the all-new Liquid Cascades feature with wins calculated and then exploding one at a time, to allow new symbols to cascade and again explode one at a time for the chance to create even more wins.

Anticipated release date of March, 2019

Fruit Bat Crazy slot is looking to be a promising – and crazy slot from Betsoft! The slot is set to be released sometime in March 2019 and if you visit us again in the coming weeks then we hope to provide you with a full game review.