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event_note Published on 21 Oct 2016

Defined as a point of no return in the context of a black hole, Event Horizon by Betsoft is the 5-reel and 243 ways to win slot that can reward you with up to 144,000 coins!

Classic symbols

The scene from behind the reels is the darkness of space with distant lights streaming from the many millions of gaseous stars. The symbols are not terribly complex or original encompassing the classic symbols that you are no doubt familiar with. Entry level paying poker symbols give way to cherries, bar, double bar and triple bar symbols at the next tier. Moving on to the top tier, you have the bell, lucky 7 and event horizon black hole symbol. The music and sound effects are standard meaning they are not the best out there but are effective at building the anticipation during spins with a pleasant chime creating a serene sense of peace.

Gravity is your friend in the sync reels feature

The single biggest feature in this slot is the sync reels feature when during a random spin two or more adjacent reels may synchronize so that they are spinning in tandem. These synchronized reels can then expand over 3, 4 or all 5 reels which could offer you the potential for some very large prizes!

Black hole wild

Stare down the face of a black hole wild symbol, which can appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th reels and swap for any other symbol.

Get drawn into the event horizon

Event Horizon is a space themed slot, which allows you to place bets from as little as 25 coins all the way up to 125 coins per spin. The variance is low meaning you are likely to win often with amounts that are closer to your own bet sizes with the outside chance of substantially more. While very short on features, the sync reels feature is a great idea and less common than many of the other features you find nowadays. The graphics and more specifically the symbols are not the most exciting given the black hole related title. I think more could have been done to provide more thematic symbols. Still 144,000 potential coins to be won is an interesting proposition and you should consider this game if you are a fan of the subject matter!