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event_note Published on 07 Apr 2023
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person By Sophie Couard

In this review, we are going to take you back to the year 1989! We love themed slots, and movie-themed slots are that much more extra. IGT games, the developer of this slot, has a lot of similar titles and we are very happy to check this one out today for you. The 80s retro action of this slot is jam-packed with interesting features you'll love.

  • Slot name: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Developer: IGT
  • Released: second half of 2020
  • RTP: 96.00%
  • Jackpot/maximum win: 1,000,000 coins
  • Min/Max bet: 0.4 coins/your balance
  • Volatility: medium
  • Reels/Lines: 5/40

There most interesting thing about this game is that there are not 1 but 3 bonus rounds to keep you entertained and give you chances for those big wins to rack up. There is also the possibility of free spins, called the reel re-spins round. When this occurs, the symbol positions each go for a spin independently for a total of three times. The phone booth gives prizes.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Technical Features

Technically, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a very traditional slot, with its normal amount of paylines and reels and fixed structure. This is very appropriate considering that this is an 80s retro theme, so it makes sense that it should play a lot like an 80s era slot machine. The only real difference is the bonus options, which we discuss later. You can play in demo mode before deciding to risk real money.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure™ Technical Features


The best way to play this game, in our humble opinion, is to focus on the game's various bonus rounds. Since this is a medium variance slot, it makes much less sense to go chasing a single big payout on its own. Also, you go through the game collecting up to 15 "historical figures", which are characters from the movie we all know and love. Collect all fifteen for a payout of 2000 coins!

  • Bill & Ted Wyld 50x-500x
  • Playing Card Suits 3x-15x
  • Princesses, Rufus 12x-50x
  • Bill, Ted 15x-100x

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Theme and Design

The theme of this game will bring many of you back to your childhoods and definitely have anybody who has seen the movie nodding their head in an appreciative manner. You may even find yourself forgetting about technical details like the RTP and the volatility altogether, as the game draws you into the Circle K where Bill and Ted, the movie's two protagonists, like to hang out so much.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure™ Theme and design


The colours are bright and flashy, and the graphics are really well done. As long as you don't hate the 80s, you will also love the sounds, which are also flashy, especially for a medium variance game. The animations are truly dazzling and cutting edge, as you would expect with a new game like this. The overall experience of the graphics and sound combine to make you feel like you are inside the movie.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Bonuses

Wyld Symbol and the Circuits of Time

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure™ Bonus

We also need to talk a bit more about the Wyld symbol. Aside from it being a wild symbol, it will net you a massive payout of 1000x the wager if it lands 3 or more times anywhere on any of the paylines when playing in an online casino. Also, at least 3 of the Phone Box Bonus icons appearing in a payline will activate another bonus game, called the Circuits of Time game.


Get a Big Win with the Guitar Bonus

The Guitar Bonus is designed with lovers of the "fruit" type slots common on UK slot machines in mind. You are presented with a lightning bolt, which has to be aimed at the right spot on the guitar strings on the screen. Every time you do this, you get Winspins! It can be a challenge to maintain this bonus round, but the rewards are worth it. Set your minimum bet accordingly and rock on!

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure™ Big Win


Conclusion and Verdict

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure is a great slot for the retro lovers among you. Many of us will experience tons of nostalgia as we play and trigger the game's biggest features. We also feel that the potential maximum winnings are nice and generous when combined with the game's volatility and RTP. For people who feel like they want the winning potential without the usual high volatility, this is a good option for them.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure™

To be honest, who doesn't at least somewhat love the '80s? Whether you lived this decade fully and in the flesh like some of you did, or you are younger and are a fan of this fun and turbulent decade, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure slot is, well, just excellent for bringing you back to the '80s for a little while. Play for a while to see just what we are talking about.


feedback FAQ about online casino Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
✅ Where can I play the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure slot?
Bill and Ted's Excellent Advanture slot can be found at many of the top online casinos worldwide.
✅ What is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure slot RTP?
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure slot boasts a very respectable RTP of 96.00% according to our research.
✅ What is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure max win?
When you play Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, your max win is 1 million coins.
✅ What is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure minimum and maximum bet?
The minimum and maximum bets for the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure slot are 0.4 coins and your total balance, respectively.
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