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event_note Published on 07 Apr 2023
created Updated 07 Apr 2023
person By Sophie Couard

Beach is a sand, sea and bikini themed 3-reel and 1 fixed payline slot via the main game and 3-reel and 5 fixed paylines slot via the upper game. Developed by MGA, this game offers you the chance to win up to 2,000t!

Classic and beach symbols

The game has a sandy beach theme but like other games from this developer, uses many of the classic symbols that you will identify from other fruit and jewel themed slots.

The exception is the bonus symbols where you will find beach balls, snorkelling masks, umbrellas and floats. The slot uses mostly standard sound effects.

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Upper & lower games, nudges & holds, up your award and flip flop wild

Beach CharacterYou will find both the main game and upper game.

In the main game, you have the option of collecting your prize or putting it on the line for a chance to win the upper prize or equivalent amount of bonus symbols.

Bonus symbols can appear on a payline with 1, 2 or 3 bonus symbols on a payline which awards you with 5, 10 or 30 in bonus. If you find a line of three bells, the game prizes can increase or decrease.

The upper game is available when you have collected the required number of added bonuses. With a winning payline other than from the lucky 7 blue symbols, you can elect to gamble all or part of your prize for double or nothing.

The nudges feature allows you to bump the reel between one and four times in pursuit of winning paylines. The holds feature allows you to freeze up to two reels to increase the possibility of winning prizes on your subsequent spin.

With the up your award feature that is randomly triggered after a winning spin, you are awarded several spins with a guaranteed higher prize.

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Bonus Games

The game also offers randomly triggered bonus games on specific paylines. The first game is unlocked with 3 snorkelling mask symbols appearing in the main game which entitles you to free rounds. The alternative bonus game is unlocked with 3 beach balls symbols in the upper game which takes you to the multiply prize game. The third bonus game is unlocked with 3 umbrella symbols in the upper game which rewards you with the pyramid game for added coins. There is also the fourth bonus game unlocked with 3 tire symbols in the upper game which also gives you access to even more coin prizes. The flip-flop wild symbol is a way of navigating the sandy coastline by replacing any other symbol except for the bonus symbols.


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Sun, sea and coins!

Beach is a fun slot, which offers you the chance to play either with 1 or 5 fixed paylines and one of four bonus games. If you are not sure whether this game is right for you, you can try it for free!


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