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7th Heaven
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event_note Published on 29 Sep 2016

7th Heaven by the developers at Betsoft is not only the name of the slot game but a statement and boy what a statement it is with the chance to win 7,500 coins in a spin with five gem party symbols in this 5-reel and 1 - 18 variable paylines slot.

Down to earth graphics and sound

We should start by saying that the graphics in this slot are not among the best or original from Betsoft. The bottom end symbols are as basic as you can get being the four poker symbols and bar symbol that is then followed up by the cherries and bell symbols. Why these particular symbols is anyone's guess but you then have the red, blue and green lucky 7 symbols at the top end. Hmm....and did we mention the different coloured gem symbols that only appear during the gem party bonus games? These seven polished beauties offer you a shot at even more prizes but unfortunately, the graphics do not do them justice. The same can be said for the sound effects and music, which suffice for a standard rating but little more.

Let's get wild

The 'W' symbol appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and will act as a wild symbol complementing any combination of Lucky 7 symbols to create a new or increase an existing payline while acting as a 2x multiplier. After any wins have been calculated, the wild symbol expands to cover the reel for potentially more lucky 7 payline matches.

Poker wheel symbol

When this symbol appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 the wheel will appear and spin to reveal your exact number of free spins that can range from 7 to 12. Accompanying the spin is a bonus suit where you will be rewarded with your initial bet for every instance of its appearance while the free spins feature is active.

Short on features and imagination

7th Heaven slot is a 1 to 18 variable paylines slot, which allows you to bet as little as 18 coins or €0.36 up to 90 coins or €90. The variance for this slot is medium as you are likely to win nil or smaller amounts regularly with the more distant possibility of higher amounts. With the look and feel of an older game, this is not one of the better games for features or appearance. I particularly did not like the wild that is only effective with Lucky 7 combinations. One modestly redeeming feature of this game is that payline wins can be triggered with as little as 1 red or blue lucky 7 symbol or 2 green lucky 7, green, orange, yellow, red or blue gems. If you like simple then this is probably the slot for you but if you want an experience, then I suggest you consider some alternative games.