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Goldwinner posted a complaint about Unique Casino

Problem about : Violating the conditions of the casino
Posted on 22 April 2020
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After contacting them for selfexcluding very many times, they have still not closed my account! Meantime I lost a lot of money and when I told them not to close my account after telling them that I wanted to selfexclude, they said they haven’t got my mails something I find very strange. After talking to a agent at chat, they asked my again to send them a email and I did. Still haven’t heard from them and my account is still open! Stay away from VegasPlus casino! Emails from the casino is signed with Unique Casino.
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Posted on 23 April 2020 06:47
Hi, Thanks to open a complain ticket. We will contact the casino to know more about your account statut.