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Davefindlay54 posted a complaint about Play OJO

Problem about : Problem with the deposit
Posted on 17 August 2020
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ya I wanted to try new online casinos and did i ever choose the wrong online casino. Not thinking i would have any trouble with this casino i deposited 50$. N it's been a fucking headache since cause this happened July 8,2020.n every time I email playojo they say to call my bank n I did 3 times with the same answer my money was automatically deposited by playojo online casino.alli wanted was to play some slots and this fucking casino just gave me the run around since it happened. My bank is CIBC n they wouldn't lie to me about 50$ but I think playojo would. Treated me like shit over n over. You know all I wanted was my 50$ back n a apology is that too much to ask for no i don't think so.n also this whole incident has turned me right off from online casinos and I play like 500-700$ a month. But after the treatment I got from this fucked up online casino. I've made up my mind to quite cause it seems like not only this casino but all online casinos are after is one thing n one thing only n that is to take your money n say fuck you too.