Progressive Mega Fortune

€3,039,972 won on the progressive jackpot of Mega fortune Dreams

By Sophie Couard

The developer Netent is famous for having the largest progressive jackpots that are being paid out to players. After the jackpots of Divine Fortune and Mega Fortune were recently won and made the players rich, there is another win from another slot of the developer worth mentioning.

A total amount of €3,039,972

Just a few days ago, a player decided to play a few rounds at the Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine. This was a great idea, as the managed to win a progressive jackpot worth over €3 million! We now joined the many winners of progressive jackpots from the developer Netent, who we have talked about in this article and this post.

A huge amount, but still below average

Although €3 million is a huge amount of money, it must still be mentioned that this amount is lower than the average of around €3.7 million, which is usually paid out by this progressive jackpot. The record of the jackpot currently stands at €5.5 million.


In any case, the lucky winner will be happy regardless, and probably not regret having played Mega Fortune Dreams. We are sure that every other player would love to be in his place. This story shows again, that it is possible to win at the casino, even if you just play a few rounds with small bets.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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