Parisian club opening

The gambling tax system in Paris

By Sophie Couard

The gaming clubs will replace the disbanded circles as of January 1st next year.

From next year onwards, the Parisian gaming clubs will replace the dissolved circles on an experimental basis. We finally know a little more about their tax system via the draft amending finance bill. The planned system is balanced enough to allow these future establishments to be economically viable, which should delight the many players who are closely interested in these clubs. So let's take stock together of what the famous law says right now.


We already know that slot machines and electronic table games will not be allowed in future Parisian clubs. To make up for the absence of these major games, the bill provides for a progressive levy on the proceeds of games. Thus, the State will levy only 5% if the net income does not exceed €100,000 and up to 70% if it exceeds €11.5 million. This progressive levy will also be based on gross income less a 30% abatement.

For its part, the City of Paris will receive 20% of the levy up to a ceiling of 12 million euros, to compensate for the dissolution of the gambling circles that brought it a fair amount of money.


Their tax system has just been unveiled as part of the draft amending finance bill.

For the moment, future clubs have nothing definitive. Indeed, they are authorities on an experimental basis from 1 January next year for a period of 3 years. 8 months before the end of this trial period, a government report to Parliament will take stock of the experience. This document will determine whether or not these institutions will be extended.


So that is what the draft amending budget bill proposes. The fact remains that the text is still valid, even though the first circles are expected to open on 1 January. With such a short delay, few should be the ones who open on day d. Whatever happens, the number of operators should not exceed ten.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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