Codeta launches

Codeta launches its own player monitor: the Skill ScoreTM

By Sophie Couard

Codeta has launched a first of its kind feature called Skill ScoreTM.

These are exciting times for the casino Codeta and they are eager to share some news, with their players, about what they are calling a first in its kind feature – Skill ScoreTM. This feature supports the casino's aspiration to focus on real players and live table games centric.

Skill ScoreTM

Skill ScoreTM allows a player to monitor their progress on an absolute (compared to past play) and relative basis (compared to other players). The benefit to you is that it will help you to develop your skills by becoming a more capable casino player, regardless of your experience.

Skill score codeta

Feature is a response to player demand

The feature is a response to player demand and tracks player performance over time, relative to the past and other players.

The new feature is effectively a response to a survey conducted by the casino which revealed a strong appetite by players to have better tools from which to better comprehend the game and track their performance over time. Skill ScoreTM ranks players based on their performance on table games and then ranks them on the leader board so you can see how you are performing compared to other players. The rankings are determined based on the size of the win and the tendency to win, referred to as big wins and dedicated wins. Codeta calculates dedicated wins as the ratio of wins to losses while big wins are the calculated payout ratio. Skill ScoreTM is spicing things up with weekly and monthly prizes if you are amongst the top 10 players on the leader board.

About Codeta

Codeta Casino is a new arrival to the online casino world, being established in June of 2016. They feature over 640 slots, and have an affinity for live and online table tames. They believe in educating their players, with over 125 lives games from 8 live providers.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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