Google and Apple delete gaming applications

Apple and Google have removed misleading gambling apps from Stores

By Sophie Couard
Google and Apple have removed deceptive gambling apps disguised as non-gambling apps.

It's not often that Apple Inc. makes our blog although we did tell you a few weeks back about their intention to restrict online gambling payments with their new Apple Card credit card. Today in our blog, the headline reads 'Apple and Google have removed misleading gambling apps from Stores'. We've got some highlights next.

Misleading gambling apps targeting Asians

It would appear that both the Play Store from Google and App Store from Apple have removed gambling apps improperly labelled as non-gambling apps. These apps were designed to fool users into downloading them by using descriptions unrelated to what they, in fact, were. In other instances, the gambling apps used identical names to non-gambling apps. For example, some were presented as weather tracking or wine-related apps.

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The apps targeted Asian users, who thought they were downloading weather tracking, wine-related or other non-gambling apps.

Apple and Google misled

These apps were also designed to mislead Apple and Google, who only saw the non-gambling version while the reality was that they were in fact, gambling apps. Both have taken action as Apple and Google have removed misleading gambling apps from their online stores.

By Sophie Couard
By Sophie Couard - EDITOR

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